Brand…..and Rebrand

Interesting times…..I am learning how nimble a business must be.  I started Perfectly Packed to meet a need many business people have – what to pack for a one week business trip.  I wanted to create a solution that was fast and required virtually zero thought but that ensured the client would end up at his/her destination with clothes that coordinated and were versatile enough for any occasion without sacrificing style and quality.  Mission accomplished!

So, what’s the problem?  Why rebrand?  Turns out that we solved more than the conundrum we identified.  These capsule wardrobes can be worn to the office on any given day; are the perfect gift for the new business graduate; provide a maximum wardrobe for minimal closet space; are a smart, cost effective solution for the woman returning to work; and so on….who knew?

So, our brand is actually limiting us.  Anyone looking to solve a clothing challenge other than packing, would pass us by….and we don’t want to be overlooked by folks we can help.  So back to the drawing board my creative muses to find a solution…….

A couple of resources that I find really helpful on any number of topics for independent businesses:  Inc. and Entrepreneur Magazine.  Happy reading!


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