Shopping in Seattle

So, if I created the Perfectly Packed clothing system for folks who hate to pack or hate to shop, why would I be writing about the terrific shopping trip I recently made to Seattle?  Because I hate to shop when I have to, but love it when I can just wander and see what interests me.  So I took myself on a solo shopping trip to do both and it was the most fun I have had in a long time.

I stayed at the Sheraton in the heart of downtown.  The location was perfect for easy access to the major stores; the hotel was attractive; the staff helpful; and the rooms nicely appointed and comfy:

Gracious, comfortable, and convenient....






First stop, Nordstrom…… I stepped off the elevator at the Special Occasion section and was immediately approached by a very stylish and attractive young woman, Krystal, who proved to be the most amazing sales associate I have had the pleasure to work with….ever…….bar none!  I found the perfect dress right away but actually purchasing it turned out to be quite the adventure.   Suffice to say, it was through Krystal’s determined  assistance that the adventure had a happy ending mere hours before I flew out!  More on this in another blog.

With the special dress looked after, it was off to ‘shop until I dropped.’  So next stop, Macy’s….

Retail Therapy







……..and all the stores in between.  Happily I emerged with shoes….okay, more than one pair!!

The day was young, so I zipped over to J Crew, shopping all the while, where I cruised for ideas before chancing on a fashion show in the mall and bumped into a fashion blogger who gave me the inside scoop on some of the designers.  Although there was a bit of shopping time left, my feet refused to go any further and back to the hotel I went.  Fatigue and sore feet meant a bag of M&M’s from the mini bar and a cup of coffee from the great in-room machine for dinner that night.

Good to go....







Out early the next day and back to J Crew where the lovely Lisa helped me sort through way too many choices.  I walked out with jeans, tees, a sweater and a J Crew credit card….very dangerous!  Clearly I did not restrain myself as my purchases necessitated a trip back to the hotel to drop my finds before I could head  out again to see what other damage I could do.  Fortunately I was lured away from the stores to explore Pike’s Market, always a must when I am in Seattle.  I dodged a few fish as I strolled past.

Gone fishin'...the easy way!







Also spent a few minutes watching a life-size chess match

Hmmm....tough move....

….pretty much like watching paint dry but it was a lovely day and I hated to go back in.






A few more purchases – travel robe and pyjamas from Nordstrom; ballet flats from Banana Republic; brilliant turquoise lucite drop earrings (Norstrom again;) and another trip to the room to drop the day’s haul; rest my feet; and decide where to go for dinner.  Looking for a pub type meal took me into a place called Von’s…. which turned out to be a well known Seattle landmark specializing in slow roasted meats and special drinks.  With some skepticism, I ordered a pulled pork and coleslaw sandwich with fries…


…seriously, meat and coleslaw in a bun??  Turned out to be a heavenly combo….and very filling!





My final day gave me time to pick up the dress I had ordered and squeeze in the purchase of a black boyfriend jacket (again, thanks to the knowledgeble Krystal at Norstrom) before heading to the airport.  Here’s the sum total of my hard core shopping trip.  Talk about satisfying….

It's in the bag!


Now will it fit into the suitcase? WILL fit into the suitcase!


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